new & improved hairgenesis is the most advanced hairloss treatment products available today -  combats two major causes of hairloss!

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watch short videos about hair genesis products

watch short videos about
hairgenesis products

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hair genesis is now new and improved. hair genesis works!

order new & improved, advanced hair genesis - generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

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hair genesis - generation 6 !

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

how do the new & improved hair genesis - generation 6 -
advanced botanical hairloss treatment products work?
hair genesis products now combat two (2) major causes of
pattern hairloss in men and women: dht in the body and on
the scalp plus inflammation in the scalp hair follicles.
no other botanical hair loss product works like this!!
new & improved !
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about new and improved hair genesis hairloss products

the most effective product in the industry
hair genesis is simply the most effective line of non-drug / botanical hair loss treatment products for men and women.

the only herbal hairloss product clinically-proven
hairgenesis is the only botanical hairloss treatment product ever tested successfully in a placebo controlled, double blind, irb-monitored research study with the results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

new and improved - generation 4 products
hair genesis is new and improved. we recently released our advanced generation 4 herbal line of powerful hair loss treatment products.

most advanced hair loss products: combat two causes of hairloss
new and improved hairgenesis is the most advanced group of hairloss products in the industry:

now all four products combat two major causes of hairloss:

  1. the hormone dht ( di hydro testosterone), plus
  2. inflammation in the hair follicles

no other hairloss product for men or women does this!

backed by more new research and patents

  • new advanced molecular delivery system - topical lotion

  • new university-based research

  • new patent-pending formulas and patented ingredients

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most of our customers order multiple bottles - and we offer 4 products:

  • oral soft gel dht blockers with anti inflammation

  • topical lotion - advanced molecular delivery system
    ( with dht blockers and anti inflammation )

  • cleansing shampoo
    ( with dht blockers and anti inflammation )

  • revitalizing conditioner
    ( with dht blockers and anti inflammation )

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