new & improved hairgenesis is the most advanced hairloss treatment products available today -  combats two major causes of hairloss!

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watch short videos about
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hair genesis is now new and improved. hair genesis works!

order new & improved, advanced hair genesis - generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

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hairgenesisonline - research studies 

hair genesis leads in clinical trials and research studies

of all the non-drug / botanical hairloss treatment products which you can buy today, almost none of them have any valid, 3rd-party, independent research studies or clinical trials. yet almost all of them make claims which it seems they cannot objectively and substantively support through proper scientific evidence.

yet hair
genesis thstands alone. there have been multiple clinical trials and or research studies on our products over the years. and this on-going research has been used to further improve our products. hairgenesis has been shown to be the most safe and most effective hairloss treatment remedy available today for people who have thinning hair and hair loss concerns such as male or female pattern baldness.

in addition to little or no research studies at all to support their claims, absolutely non of the other non-drug / botanical hair loss treatment products on the market have any such scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals. in this area, again, ts. hairgenesis stands far and above the others. we have now two research study reports published in established medical journals.

this means that hairgenesis is perhaps the only non-drug / botanical hairloss treatment product available on the market that has any legitimate, objective and independent - 3rd party professional review and endorsement that the products actually work! 

since 1995, years before most other non-drug / botanical hairloss products were even available, hairgenesis has been researching and developing innovative and productive formulations with cutting-edge technology to provide safe and effective products for men and women suffering from male or female pattern hairloss.

and with the release of generation 4 products, which now combat two (2) major areas of hairloss, no other hairloss treatment products, whether drug or non-drug, compare. no other hairloss treatment remedies, not even the drugs propecia or finasteride, treat two (2) major causes of hairloss.

hair genesis clinical trials and research studies and reports

study clinical trial - 1 initial formula testing

study clinical trial - 2 follow up formula testing

study - 3 actual product ingredients testings

study - 4 product testing and 1st published report in medical journal

abstract of research study of hairgenesis as published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine - year 2002

study - 5 research testing and 2nd published report in medical journal

published study of new university-based, science research study leading to new & improved hair genesis generation 4 formulations - year 2009

hair genesis - generation 6 !

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

how do the new & improved hair genesis - generation 6 -
advanced botanical hairloss treatment products work?
hair genesis products now combat two (2) major causes of
pattern hairloss in men and women: dht in the body and on
the scalp plus inflammation in the scalp hair follicles.
no other botanical hair loss product works like this!!
new & improved !

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