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hair genesis is now new and improved. hair genesis works!

order new & improved, advanced hair genesis - generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

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hairgenesisonline - published study 2
university based research - year 2009
leading to the development of hairgenesis generation 4

new university based research supports advanced hairgenesis

recent university-based science research study
new & improved hairgenesis generation 4
are the first two mechanism of action hairloss products

combats two causes of hairloss:
- harmful dht in the body & on the scalp
- inflammation in the hair follicles.

no other hairloss treatment,
whether drug or non-drug, treats two (2) causes of hairloss!

new university-based, science research study leading to new & improved hair genesis generation 4 formulations
click to read the study:
evidence based complementary alternative medicine

inhibition of inflammatory gene expression in keratinocytes using a composition containing carnitine, thioctic acid and saw palmetto extract

researchers: sridar chittur1, brian parr1 and geno marcovici2

1 state university of new york (suny), albany, ny
2 advanced restoration technologies (hairgenesis), inc., phoenix, az

2nd research study on hair genesis published in medical journal

chronic inflammation of the hair follicle is considered a contributing factor in the patho-genesis of androgenetic alopecia (aga). previously, we clinically tested liposterolic extract of serenoa repens (lsesr - saw palmetto) and its glycoside, beta-sitosterol, in subjects with aga and showed a highly positive response to treatment. in the most recent university-based science study, we sought to determine whether blocking of inflammation using a composition containing lsesr as well as two anti-inflammatory agents (carnitine and thioctic acid) could alter the expression of molecular markers of inflammation in a well-established in vitro system.

using a well-validated assay representative of hair follicle keratinocytes, specifically, stimulation of cultured human keratinocyte cells in vitro, we measured changes in gene expression of a spectrum of well-known inflammatory markers. lipopolysaccharide (lps) provided an inflammatory stimulus. in particular, we found that the composition effectively suppressed lps-activated gene expression of chemokines, including ccl17, cxcl6 and ltb(4) associated with pathways involved in inflammation and apoptosis.

our data supports the hypothesis that the test compound exhibits anti-inflammatory characteristics in a well-established in vitro assay representing hair follicle keratinocyte gene expression. these findings suggest that 5-alpha reductase inhibitors (5ar inhibitors), also known as dht blockers, combined with blocking of inflammatory processes could represent a unique two-pronged approach (dual mechanism of action) in the treatment of pattern hair loss with improved effectiveness over all other current hair loss treatment products.

evidence-based complementary alternative medicine (ecam)

no other non-drug / botanical hairloss treatment remedy has even one (1) research study published in a peer-reviewed medical journal. but now, hair genesis, is supported by two (2) published research studies, including our recent landmark university-based study which led to the development of our newest and most effective generation 4 formulations ever. just published in 2009, in the prestigious peer-reviewed medical journal:

click to read the study: evidence based complementary alternative medicine

national institutes of health & the us national library of medicine

like our original landmark published study back in year 2002, the results of this second break-through university based research study were then also professionally acknowledged and published by (a service of the national institutes of health and the national library of medicine), one of the most respected and authoritative sources of published medical information online. (click a graphic below)

absolutely no other non-drug / botanical hair loss treatment product can make this claim.

hair genesis published research study 2 on

hair genesis published research study 2 on

hair genesis - generation 6 !

order new & improved hair genesis advanced generation 4 botanical hairloss treatment products

how do the new & improved hair genesis - generation 6 -
advanced botanical hairloss treatment products work?
hair genesis products now combat two (2) major causes of
pattern hairloss in men and women: dht in the body and on
the scalp plus inflammation in the scalp hair follicles.
no other botanical hair loss product works like this!!
new & improved !

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